Atmannati Sadhana - Article 40.

"As Annaras nourishes and satisfies the body. Naam given by Shri Sadguru nourishes, satisfies the soul. Karma worship leads to body and soul purification. This is the Guru's path for self-improvement."

“Worldly happiness is for selfishness, sorrow is not a crisis for anyone. Therefore, to break the bond of love, Sadguru should hold fast. "

Life must have the grace of Shri Sadguru. There are many relatives in the world for whom we work hard. We danced in their happiness. Whose sorrows we pity. They are not with you when you are in trouble.

Even rats do not live in empty boxes. These are human beings. This is Jagarhat.

An old poem comes to mind at this time.
"It's a rat. Returning to search for particles. At the end Sodoni goes. Gangot like that to you. ”

World happiness is selfish! Sadness is not a crisis for anyone! This is the way of the Ganga here. At such times, it is Shri Sadguru who takes care of us.
Therefore, the magic of all love should be broken. Sadguru's footsteps should be held tight.

Sadhguru explains the purpose of our birth. Food is essential for good health and well-being. Sadhana is also necessary for the nourishment of body and soul.

Do we eat only once a year? By doing so, food grains will not be stored. The body will not be filled, nourished, satisfied. Ulaan will lead to death. There will be indigestion. There will be torture.

Punch cooked only once. Will there be satisfaction? Even if you eat sugras in the morning, you will feel hungry in the evening.

Why shouldn't it be in the case of Upasana-Sadhana-Jap-Tap-Havan-Ritual?

Just as pineapple nourishes and satisfies the body. The name given by Shri Sadguru is to strengthen, satisfy the soul. Karma worship purifies the body and the soul. This is the path to self-realization.

If we don't act with this understanding, our life will become nothing.

Glory to Shri Sadguru Narendranath Maharaj.
Author - Pvt. Gajanan Kulkarni.Akola.