Defects and remedies

Measures to change fortunes

The work of solving the problems of life by doing karma based on the principle of karma through various karmas is done from here. Planning is done here on how to get the expected result by considering various problems, exactly how to do karma. Srinath Shakti Peeth is the center of the spiritual power of the Nath sect. The Nath sect has complete power over human life, triple fever, birth-death, and grazing, so these deeds take place only at Nath Shakti Peeth, Akola and not elsewhere. Statements required for karma, set of mantras, Karika Sankalp etc. Pu. It has been prepared by Srinath Shakti Peetha under the guidance of Shri Narendranath Maharaj. Mantras are planned keeping in mind various issues while preparing it. This karma is stated keeping in mind the happiness, sorrow, pain of many people. This scheme has received the traditional blessings of Nathpantha.