Why is Nathpantha different in Kali Yuga?

Hypocrites will continue to dominate the religion. Kings will rob people like thieves. People will make a living by committing many evil deeds like stealing, lying, unwarranted violence etc. But times will change so much that religion, truth, holiness, forgiveness, mercy, life force and memory will disappear. In Kali Yuga, only those who have wealth will be considered as aristocratic, virtuous and virtuous. Power will be effective in matters of religion and justice. Marriage will be based on mutual love. Fraud will be more important in business. The superiority of men and women will depend on their sexual skills. The identity of a Brahmin will remain only 'Janve'. There will be an ashram in outer disguise and entering another ashram in outer disguise will not be possible. The ingenuity of speech will be understood as erudition. Poverty will be considered a sign of wickedness and hypocrisy will be considered a sign of righteousness. Cosmetics will be considered a bath. Keeping hair on the head will be considered a sign of beauty.

Filling your stomach will be a great endeavor and speaking emphatically will be considered true. Kings will be robbers, greedy and cruel, they will rob the people of their wealth and wives. Sometimes it will be very cold, sometimes it will snow, sometimes it will be stormy, sometimes it will be hot, sometimes it will be flooded.

The condition of this age is very bad and heterogeneous. In this age earthquakes, meteors, droughts etc. will continue to be divine catastrophes. Traditional conflicts will increase. The authenticity of Vedas will end. People will face untimely death. Some will be in the womb, some in childhood, some in youth and some in old age without enjoying full life. The tradition of studying Vedas, the tradition of teaching will be eradicated. Shudras will accept Brahmanism, Brahmins will become Shudras. Kings will behave like Chandala. Men become immoral, women become liars and alcoholics. Men and women of all races will be greedy for money. Religion will be sold. Theft, robbery, murder, treason, fire will continue. Neither Brahma nor anyone else can change this situation of Kali Yuga. So Nathpantha had to be created.


  1. Nath Shakti Peeth, is prove very powerful and effective for me, Narendra Nath Maharaj guided me for daily Upasna, which is very useful and chang my life. Thanks to Shri Nath, for blesings on us.

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