Golden Festival

Request to all Nath devotees

My able Sadguru Shri Yogabhyananda Venkatnath Maharaj first came to my house in 1972. From then on, they always came to me and stayed. From then on, the bhajan of Thursday started on his orders. July 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of this event. Maharaj used to come to my house uninterruptedly from 1972 till Samadhi Ghei and since then every Thursday bhajan continues uninterruptedly even today.

It is my wish that after this period of fifty years, all of us should celebrate Bhajan together with enthusiasm. It is my intention to hold this event in July or August 2022 at my home in the vicinity of the Maharajah's throne. Madhavnath Maharaj, Venkatnath Maharaj as well as devotees of good men of Nathpantha and all those who are fond of these subjects, it is my longing to come to this event.

This is an attempt to bring together a large number of Gurubandhu Nath devotees and Nath lovers All arrangements have to be made for living, eating, drinking, breakfast, tea, etc. I also want to extend a personal invitation to everyone. For this, Guru brothers, Nath devotees, if you send me your phone number, WhatsApp number, e-mail ID, I will definitely send it through personal invitation and event magazine. This is an attempt to make this gathering of all Nath devotees on this occasion. This will be possible only if all of us cooperate with an open mind. Apart from this, there will be an attempt to find a solution to the personal problems of all the people who will be present. 

The three-day program will be completely free of cost and meals will be provided by me. No financial support is expected from anyone. 

You are kindly requested to cooperate by filling the following form.

Looking forward to your cooperation

Narendra Chaudhary

(Aka Narendranath Maharaj)