Worship and remedies according to the zodiac

सृष्टीवरील सर्व मानवजात ही बारा राशींत विभागली आहे. ह्या बारा राशी चार तत्त्वांमध्ये कशा विभाजल्या आहेत, हे आपण पाहिले आहे. म्हणजे भूमितत्त्वात वृषभ, मकर व कन्या ह्या राशी, जलतत्त्वात मीन, वृश्चिक व कर्क ह्या राशी, अग्नितत्त्वात मेष, सिंह व धनू ह्या राशी व वायुतत्त्वात मिथुन, तूळ व कुंभ ह्या राशींचा समावेश होतो, असे आपण ह्यापूर्वीच पाहिले आहे.आता ह्या प्रत्येक महातत्त्वामध्ये मोडणार्या राशींच्या लोकांनी काय व कशी उपासना करावी, हे आपण पाहू. म्हणजे वृषभ, मकर व कन्या; मीन, वृश्चिक व कर्क; मेष, सिंह व धनू व मिथुन, तूळ व कुंभ अशा चार प्रकारांचे गट पद्धतीने विवेचन करू.

Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn with the true nature of the geometry that is effective in Satyayuga

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are geometric. Geometry was dominant in the Satyayuga. The essence of this geometry is truth. The various people who fall into these three zodiac signs should perform their worship facing east. All important work in life should start from the east. The direction of prosperity in the lives of these people is the East. All kinds of study, enlightenment should start from the east. All efforts should be made from the east. It is easy to get the proof of the primordial truth of the land from the east. The energy received from worship from the east is more effective, as well as more fruitful, according to the principle that the people of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are related to the universe, just as the geometry is related to the universe. For people of this zodiac sign, the first fortnight of the month, the pure side of the almanac, is the best fruit. The pure fortnight of each month is good for the worship of these people. The fortnight is less fruitful. It will be worthwhile to do all kinds of fruitful and important work in a pure fortnight. Worship should continue uninterrupted for twelve months.

There are four hours of the day. The first watch is from sunrise to noon, the second watch from noon to sunset, the third watch from sunset to midnight, and the fourth watch from midnight to sunrise.

Although the five principles of the universe are different, they all have a great deal to do with each other. The principles of these Panchmahabhutas, the orbits of the solar system, the orbits of the constellations are constantly affecting everyone. Considering this pilgrimage, it is noticed that for the people of Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn zodiac, whatever worship is done during the third and fourth hours of the transition period from 10.30 pm to 2 am, will have fruitful results. The various plans made during this period can be done well. If possible, start the work anew during this period. It will be beneficial. Chant your Janmanakshatra Mantra daily at this time.

A man has two nostrils. The breath that passes through the left nostril is called Chandranadi and the breath that passes through the right nostril is called Suryanadi. Breathing through the body automatically changes the pulse. This pulse changes automatically at any time. There is a constant connection between the breath and the planets in the body, the body and the whole universe. According to the relationship of the people of the earth, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn with the universe, whatever their dealings with the body, mind, planets and atmosphere of these people at the time when the lunar cycle starts will be in their interest. While the lunar cycle is going on, one should do sadhana, study, plan, do all the important work. If Chandranadi is not started, it works even if you try to start it. For this, close the right nostril and try to start the left nostril. It can run at such times even if the left nostril is on while starting work.

The lust of the people of these three zodiac signs is in the food and its taste and taste, in the tongue. This lust must be controlled to reduce the intensity of birth and death experiences. These people should continue to donate food. Let us now consider each zodiac sign separately. Janmanakshatra mantra should be said in time every day.

People of these three zodiac signs Worship of Jaganmata It is necessary to do 'Om ain rrhin klin chamundaai wichche' 108 times a day. As well as Journey to Jagannathpuri It will be beneficial to make the diagnosis at least once in a lifetime. In India All the different places are important. But if you look at it in terms of importance, it would be wise to do so. After doing this yatra, the mind becomes stable, the mind becomes calm and overall enthusiasm increases.

Dnyandev Maharaj became an epoch maker. They themselves, their work, the result of their work were all geometric. The importance of the epoch maker does not last only for that epoch, but it is eternally effective. Daily reading of Gyan Devi Should be doing.

Land is related to the necessities of life. The practical value of these people is increasing. They can easily achieve commercial turnover. In politics, he succeeds in increasing the income of the country, increasing the income of food grains, improving the land and making an impression on others. Of these zodiac signs Privacy 'The truth'This is it. If they lie or deal with lies, they are the ones who are cheated and harmed.

Mantrasadhana, Devpujan, Parayane, Yajnayag, as well as charity deeds should be done for wide vision. These men Rajoguni is windy in nature Are. Consumption of flatulence should be avoided. These are the people of all the three zodiac signs Of the Vaishya character Are. Let us now consider each zodiac sign separately.

Taurus : -Of this zodiac sign Swami Shukra Is. The consciousness of Venus is in the Pimple tree. The Pimpala tree is inhabited by all the deities like Yaksha, Kinnar, Pitar, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc. In this tree, the principle of geometry, the principle of truth, the principle of people of this zodiac sign. It is good to worship under this tree. However Taurus people under this tree 3 to 6 in the morning Between Facing north The following chanting must be done. All these mantras should be said at least 108 times daily.

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  1. please send me matra for my वृषभ रास :

    please give info for मंत्रांबद्दल अधिक माहिती वाचण्यासाठी पुढील पोस्ट पहा…

  2. श्री महाराजांच्‍या चरणी दंडवत. माझी अनेक दिवसां पासून आपले दर्शन घेण्‍याची ईच्‍छा आहे. मी सध्‍या नागपूर येथे राहत आहे. मी आकोला येथे श्री नाथशक्‍तीपिठास भेट दिली परंतु भेट झाली नाही. माझा मुलगा चि.वल्‍लभ याची जन्‍मतारीख 24 मार्च, 1998 असून जन्‍मवेळ सायंकाळ 06 वाजून 18 मिनिट आहे व जन्‍मस्‍थळ नागपूर आहे. तसेच मुलगी कु.वैष्‍णवी हीची जन्‍मातारीख 28 सप्‍टेंबर, 1994 जन्‍मवेळ सकाळी 08 वाजून 40 मिनीटे जन्‍मस्‍थळ नागपूर आहे. दोघांची स्‍वतंत्र कालसर्प पुजा केलेली आहे व मी नागनारायणबली पूजा केलेली आहे. मला माझे मुलाचे भविष्‍या बद्दल सतत चिंता वाटते कृपया मार्गदर्शन करण्‍यास श्रीमहाराजांचे चरण नम्र प्रार्थना आहे. माझा भ्रमणध्‍वनी क्रं 9372622358 असा आहे. श्री गुरुदेव दत्‍त. श्रीनवनाथ महाराज की जय.


    • प.पू.श्री महाराज यांना शि.साष्‍ठांग नमस्‍कार. मी आपल्‍या मार्गदर्शनाची आतुरतेने वाट पाहत आहे. आपण कृपया आपले अमूल्‍य मार्गदर्शन माझे मुलांसाठी करावे ही नम्र प्रार्थना. आपला चरणदास गोविंद

    • प.पू.सदगुरु श्री महाराजांचे चरणी माझा दंडवत. कृपया मार्गदर्शन करण्‍यास विनंती आहे. एक शिष्‍य गोविंद गुलाखे.

  3. नमस्कार मी हेमंत चव्हाण औरंगाबाद ,सर मी नाव्नाताथ भक्ती सार ग्रंथ१०वर्शपुर्वि वाचलाहोतातेंव्हा माजे वय २३ होते मला कोणतेच मार्गदर्शन नव्हते .मी ग्रंथ पूर्ण केला पण उद्यापन केले नाही व जेवू सुदाः घातले नाही .नवनाथ भक्तिसार मध्ये ३ आध्याय मारुतीचा आहे ३ आध्याय नियमित वाचल्याने मारुतीची कृपा होते व मारुती आपल्या पाठीशी उभे राहतात आशी फलश्रुती आहे .मी ३ आध्याय नियमित पने १ वर्ष वाचला होता पण मला काही आनिभूती आली नाही आसे का , मी हनुमान भक्त आहे महणून मी ३ आद्याय १ वर्ष वाचला होता .मला तुमचे मार्गदर्शन पाहिजे मला नवनाथ पारायण करायचे आहे . मी इंतार्नेत वर जास्त काम करतो आपली वेब साइड पहिली मी साइड वरच ४० आध्याय

    वाचणार आहे चाले का मला चांगला अनुभव येईल का . कृपया कलावे हेमंत चव्हाण -९६७३५०२०९७ hemant_chavanin2001@yahoo.co.in

  4. Majhi rashi hi kumbh ahe plz majhya rashi baddal sangav, kontya veles upasna karav, konti dishene kamachi suruwat me karav ?? PLz tell me
    jay gurudev

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