Spiritual journey

We are publishing references to the work of Nath Shakti Peeth and Narendra Nath Maharaj under the title 'Masik Patrak'. Readers should take advantage of this and get in touch if there are any issues.

Atmonnati Sadhana - Article-48

"When the senses turn to the path of devotion, the mind stops rolling in the subject. They run to Ishcharani. When the mind becomes stable, the intellect becomes independent.

Atmonnati Sadhana - Article - 47.

"Anugrahitani should be an innocent name holder. For this, one must first know the greatness of Nama. The important thing is to understand the guilt of Nama. Avoiding that kososhin means that Naam Sadhana is fruitful."

Atmonnati Sadhana - Article 45.

P.P. Written by Nath Shakti Peethadhish Shri Narendranath Maharaj, "Atmonnati Sadhana says that by the grace of Shri Guru, all the symptoms of Bhavroga disappear. Durmati becomes Sumati. He who is a fool deserves the praise of all as a sage."

Atmonnati Sadhana Article-43.

"The threefold fever of the Gurumargi jiva disappears. Otherwise, its intensity becomes dull. As the disease begins to disappear, the Gurumargi jiva becomes prosperous."

Atmonnati Sadhana Article-41.

"Do you want to miss the torment of this body, then keep the saint with you. The saint is Sadguru. Surrender to him. He pours full measure in your position. He makes the subject of your lust Narayan."

Atmannati Sadhana - Article 40.

"As Annaras nourishes and satisfies the body. Naam given by Shri Sadguru nourishes, satisfies the soul. Karma worship leads to body and soul purification. This is the Guru's path for self-improvement."

Atmannati Sadhana - Article 39.

"Our body is the gift of the Panchmahabhutas. How to make these principles happy. How to worship them. How to acquire the grace of these five principles. What proper deeds to do. HH Shri Narendranath Maharaj gives guidance in this regard."