Our entire efforts are to give relief to human being on physiological, morale, material, spiritual, & physical plains of achievements.

Our workings and way of dealing with problems are based entirely on ancient Indian literature with special reference to Vedas namely Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda and Samaveda, puranas and also the old Indian customs, and knowledge passed on by various' spiritual Gurus', various' streams of thoughts' including 'Nath Panth' through available published or unpublished materials. The remedies suggested by us are mainly based on the 'karma siddhanta' as explained by these ancient literature and also in 'Bhagwat Gita'. We believe that all these may be put to use for ripping benefits as is done by 'Ayurveda' an acclaimed branch of medicines.

We have not invented a new way of treatment of any illness or problem, the ways or methods of treatment as gathered from various sources as described above and also from our own experiences are applied on the basis of studies & research; and we believe that the remedies provided by us are giving very good fruits. However we do not claim to provide relief to illness without medicines and by no means we claim that there is no other method of treatment in similar factors or cases.

Our services are secular & religion independent. We do not advocate believing in beliefs based on religion, old conventions including blind faith, without experiencing or realizing. We also do not insist in believing God though we believe in natural and supernatural powers, 'pancha mahabhuta' meaning five great elements. We also believe in 'yadnya sanstha'.

The belief in God, our guidance, suggestions, remedies, way & style of performing any rituals, pujas, yadnyas, Upasana, etc are entirely left to the sweet choice of everyone. They are in no way binding on anybody.

A persons willing to take advantage of our services must first understand this and accept our terms of use, privacy policy, hyperlink policy. In case a persons do not want to accept any of the terms, he must not use our services.