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Lord Krishna planned for the Nath Panth having full control over universe, this Nath Panth which started from Panthswami Lord Dattatreya is still working brilliantly today.

Our goal 

  • Through Vedic mantras on the ailments, mundane, and professional difficulties and Kuyoga, and with the help of the traditional powers of the Nath sect, to free the human being from the disease-free anxiety and bring him to the spiritual path.
  • To develop a virtuous, virtuous and good personality through non-traditional teaching methods.
  • To propagate the Vedas by explaining the importance of Vedas in life as well as to give Vedic education.
  • To propagate the Nath Panth philosophy by introducing the dominance of the Nath Panth over the Panchmahabhutas and their supernatural works.

Our principle

  • Although God is the creator of the universe, Sadguru is the cosmologist. 
  • Although death is certain, the joys and sorrows of life are pre-accumulated and obtained according to karma.
  • Worship of God is a means to an end
  • Only a good guru can bring about a radical change in life.
  • Nothing is impossible in Nath sect.
  • Vedas and Nathpanths are ubiquitous, their work goes beyond country, religion, caste.


No one has ever seen God, and no one can say with certainty about His existence. Although this is true, the principle that science does not find is seen in this Nathpantha. From Nath Shakti Peetha, Narendranath Maharaj explains the contribution of Nath Panth for world peace and how to balance human life in Kali Yuga. - Padma Bhushan, Maharashtra Bhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

भटकर नाथशक्तिपीठ

Mr. Narendranath, what is our destiny based on logic and science? - Swami Shankaracharya Maharaj Karveer Peeth 

करवीर नाथशक्तिपीठ

Narendranath Maharaj himself does karma and also makes others do karma, and washes away their sins. By doing sadhana oneself, one lives in the shadow of one's guru and enjoys karma and sadhana. We can only do our own sadhana. Due to Guru Kripa, even if you stay away from the Himalayas, you do things that we cannot do even while living in the Himalayas. - Rambaba Gomukh Himalayas 

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An empirical examination of Narendranath's Nathpanth work, Vedic work and the 'revival of destiny' through the Vedmantra, it seems that no one has been able to take such an experience in the last 150 years. - W. E. Mahamahopadhyaya Brahmarshi Yagneshwar Shastri Kasture

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Our activities

Vedic treatment

The Vedas contain complete knowledge of all branches. The same Vedic mantras are used in a scientific manner to treat all professional and mundane problems and ailments from Nath Shakti Peeth. The results of the treatment done here are more than 90 %. 

Personality development

When today's personality cannot be remedied by the obstruction of human personality, then man spends on all the fronts of life and fails. Personality development is done through various experiments under the guidance of Shri Narendranath Maharaj from Nath Shakti Peeth.

Spiritual guidance

Human birth is the door to salvation. The union of the soul with the Supreme Spirit is liberation. Shri Narendranath Maharaj guides from Nath Shakti Peeth to achieve spiritual upliftment and acquire Guru's grace in a very easy and simple way. Millions of people are taking advantage of this.

Vedic studies

Completely free Vedic teaching is done at Nath Shakti Peeth. Here students are also given knowledge about the use of Vedic mantras along with demonstrations. This work of Vedic teaching has been going on continuously since 1997. To date, more than 5,000 students have benefited from it.

Vedic research

The Vedas are the root of today's advanced science. Scientific research work is done under the guidance of Narendranath from Nath Shakti Peeth to study the symbolic Vedas and create scientific experiments to treat human problems from it.

Promotion and dissemination

Although both Nathpanth and Veda religions are beyond caste, some misconceptions about this were rooted in the society in the Middle Ages. Propaganda work is carried out through various initiatives to create faith in both of them and guide people on how to be happy with their help.  

Nath Shakti Peeth 

Shri Nath Shakti Peeth is the abode of the Nath Panth which rules over the Characharas and all kinds of forces that support the Panth. Nath Shakti Peeth is the center of spiritual experience of the Navnath tradition. In the unbroken Nathpanth tradition started from Chaitanya Shri Machhindranath, P. E. Shri Venkatnath Maharaj is the fifteenth Nath. According to his inspiration and hints, his successor P. E. Shri Narendranath Maharaj has established Nath Shakti Peetha at Akola. Here the worship of Vedas is uninterrupted. 

Even if a devotee of any religion or caste takes refuge in this Nath Shakti Peetha for rest, his life will change and he will find a way to get rid of his pain, deprivation and suffering by changing his outlook on life. E. Shri Narendranath Maharaj has given while establishing Nath Shakti Peetha.

Something new 

Atmonnati Sadhana - Article-48

“When the senses turn to the path of devotion, the mind stops rolling in the subject. He ran to Ishcharani. When the mind became stable, the intellect became independent. Workplaces become independent. Our journey is for the attainment of Parabrahm. This was possible under the guidance of Sadguru. “

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Atmannati Sadhana - Article 45.

P.P. Written by Nath Shakti Peethadhish Shri Narendranath Maharaj
“Atmonnati Sadhana says that with the grace of Shri Guru, all the symptoms of Bhavroga disappear. Durmati was Sumati. The one who is foolish deserves the praise of all. ”

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